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Penthouse working lounge renovation

Office, Renovation - Athens, Greece

2022 (ongoing)

Client: Private commission

Phase: Permitting

A penthouse in Athens city center will be transformed into a working lounge for private professional use. The objective of this space is to offer moments of relaxation and create a domestic atmosphere for the owner as well as their collaborators. Therefore, we decided to divide the space into four distinct rooms: a small entry hall for the desks of the secretary and the accountant, a meeting space, a common-use bathroom, and as well as the main lounge area with a terrace overlooking the Acropolis. The working lounge consists of two main zones: the primary sitting area with a large corner sofa, the fireplace place, and the television as well as the bar area with a long counter and back shelves for the drinks and glassware. We specify black natural Volakas marble cladding for the surrounding walls and build the flooring of both the lounge and the terrace space with white terrazzo that incorporates grey and white aggregates. Behind the glass shelves, the proposal suggests installing a large mirror to enhance the, already spacious, lounge room. The outdoor terrace area is protected by proposing a glass balcony consisting of glazing panels, metallic posts and a metallic handrail, all painted in brass gold colour. Similarly to the interior, we propose white terrazzo for the podium of the bar, with a countertop of black natural marble and details of brass.

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