Immersed in studio culture, we think of space and architecture through our passion for making special places. Believing that design can make the physical world around us more beautiful and surprising, our ideas create works with innovative typologies, inventive structural solutions, original material craftsmanship, and attentive construction details. We approach each project with a careful analysis of the site and its opportunities, the historical, cultural and social context, and we respond to the challenges through the conception of places that showcase a unique and extraordinary architectural character. We understand the process of designing and constructing buildings and spaces as providing functional and sustainable solutions to existing or future needs – solutions that exceed rational problem solving by constituting a pragmatic yet sentimental imaginary. Ambitious yet realistic, sophisticated yet unorthodox, planetary yet regional, we are based in Athens, but we work internationally collaborating with visionary, aspiring and forward-thinking clients who search for unique, provocative solutions for their projects.

Ilias Oikonomakis and Angelos Siampakoulis are in association since 2009. Their body of work has been recognized widely with projects and research presented or exhibited at the 7th Biennale of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona, the 14th European Forum of Cities in Helsinki, the University of Edinburgh, the Benaki Museum and the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens, the Architectural Association in London and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.