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Oikonomakis Siampakoulis architects is an incorporated design and architecture studio based in Athens, operating within the boundaries of architecture, urbanism, landscape design, interior design and object design. Whether working with existing structures or building from the ground we are driven by our design experience on a wide range of scales and programmes, as well as our commitment to making remarkable projects happen. We understand the process of designing and constructing buildings and spaces as providing functional and sustainable solutions to existing or future needs, aiming to maximise the potential of each project and add value to properties and places by offering extraordinary design and original experiences. With imagination and creativity, alongside our belief that design can make the physical world around us more beautiful and surprising, our ideas create works with a unique architectural character that stands out with its originality and ingenuity. The studio delivers projects in both Greece and abroad having a consciously international outlook, collaborating with private companies and individual clients who are aspiring and forward-thinking and they search for unique, provocative solutions for their projects.

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