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Any Scale, Any Programme

1 m2

Light up this green blown-glass hanging lamp designed for our mosque design in Preston, UK – every detail matters, and no detail is too small to design.

10 m2

Co-Tótem is a 2x6m information point for Concentrico festival made from plywood sheets that will then be recycled. We design furniture, pavilions and small scale installations too.

50 m2

We like to design spaces where people hang out, stroll, shop, drink and eat, and we know that extraordinary, bespoke design can make a place memorable and to be visited again and again. 

200 m2

The studio designs residencies, including city dwellings and summer or seaside houses. Above, a smallscale setting on a cliff, for a family of 3 in the outskirts of Thessaloniki.

1,000 m2

This kindergarten and elderly care facilities centre in Chania, Greece proposed a sustainable building with lush green terraces, solar chimney systems and natural ventilation through its brick façade, combined with a neighbourhood park that adds 60 new trees to the site and is dedicated to the local community.

10,000 m2

Preston mosque is a religious iconic building in north England, that includes 600-mats prayer halls, community meeting spaces and a small library, all structured around a solar atrium resembling the traditional sahn, a mosque’s inner courtyard. The building is covered with an energy canopy providing natural light and minimizing the building’s carbon and energy footprint.

100,000 m2

Large-scale developments with a particular focus on residential and mixed-use programmes are at the core of the studio’s objectives. The studio’s recent study for London’s Marylebone neighbourhood proposed housing estates operating through collective living as the solution to housing shortage and overcrowded housesharing.

1,000,000 m2

We work on the city scale as well, including vision and strategy plans for big urban areas. Production para Tod@s, our shortlisted work for the European competition Europan 14 suggested an inclusive design strategy for the sustainable regeneration of the public spaces around Gran Via in Madrid.



Together with our clients, we define the parameters and the vision for the project. We collect all necessary data, explore the unique possibilities and potentials of each project, and set the foundations that will make it a remarkable success.



Based on the strategic definition, we undertake all design phases of each project. We distill the main idea, develop the concept, receive necessary permits and statutory approvals and detail the whole project with BIM (Building Information Modeling) procedures. Regular meetings, ensure our clients are onboard and their needs are satisfied.



Supervision of the construction process is fundamental to keeping the project on track safely, ensuring design intent is sufficiently fulfilled, and all issues are resolved with respect to the highest standards.



Thorough management of the project's schedule, budget, quality, safety, scope, and function is crucial for the successful delivery of our projects. The studio undertakes or participates in the construction management of its projects, depending on the scope’s size, requirements, and complexity.

The studio provides a comprehensive range of services, from the strategic definition of the project to the final handover. This allows for careful control of every design and construction phase and ensures successful delivery, as well as bespoke, personalized care of our work.

Areas of Practice




Retail and commercial







Public space

Areas of Services


Interior design

Restoration and rehabilitation

Masterplanning and urbanism

Landscape architecture

Furniture design

Object design

Exhibition and setting design

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